Technical Support Services Agreement

Software platforms has an impressive free support through community but some organizations need more hands-on, dedicated assistance and expertise. Why not get it from the team that is one of the most specialized companies?

We are here to help in this task with support, training and consulting.

Product Support and Services
Support Plans  Basic  Professional  Enterprise
Hours of Support  20hs / year  50hs / year  75hs / year
Response Time  3 days  2 business days  1 business day
Number of Subscribers  1 user  3 users  5 users

What you get:

Product Support is meant to help your technical team implement and maintain a great site yourselves. Product Support does not include our team coding or theming your site for you, but is meant to include troubleshooting and break/fix support for the product. Our goal is to work directly with your developers, focusing on installation and setup, configuration, upgrading, theming, optimization, and deployment. You will have a private ticket queue and the opportunity to communicate back and forth with our team on your needs as they arise for the level of service you have selected.

Per seat and not per site?

One Product Support seat equals one technical contact person. You specify a contact person when you sign up in addition to an alternate contact in case your main contact is goes on vacation or out sick. We prefer this model rather than charging for the number of sites that you are operating or tickets you are opening. If you would like to have multiple people interact with us, you can buy multiple subscriptions.


Veradata tests all systems releases extensively before they are released to the public. Unfortunately, it is possible that a security vulnerability may present itself. If you discover a security issue, we ask that you report it to us confidentially by emailing us at . When reporting an issue, we ask that you include the following information:

- What version of the system you are using
- What steps you took from initial installation to when you saw the security vulnerability
- Any patches or other steps to resolve the issue

Upon receiving this information, we will confirm that we have received your message and will begin reviewing the issue and setting a timeline for a new release or patch. We will credit a contributor when a security vulnerability has been identified and resolved.

There is a possibility that the issue you are seeing is related to framework, Apache, MySQL, or other software. In order to identify a security issue, please see How to Report a Security Issue. For other software, please see their website for information on contacting their security team.


We offer customized consulting and implementation services to help your team. Our customized consulting helps teams who need advice on best practice construction, module selection for building highly customized functionality, security best practices, performance tuning, security reviews of any resources, build custom modules or corrections. Please contact us to discuss consulting opportunities or for more information.


We offer customized consulting and implementation services to help your team. Our custom consulting helps teams who need advice on feature building best practices, module selection for building very custom features, security best practices, performance tuning, security reviews of any features, custom module building, or back porting fixes from new versions. Contact us to discuss consulting opportunities or to get more information.

Open to Suggestions

We want to make our systems better and better. If you have an idea of how we can make support better job, send us your suggestion .