Media & Entertainment

To thrive in the digital age, media and entertainment firms must nurture profitable relationships between content and customers. They build brand and buzz behind popular tunes, episodes, and entertaining personalities. Successful firms foster friction-free networks, channel valuable content that flows through them, and build engaging communities around them. Along the way, they squarely face the future and digitize their most promising revenue streams.

But costs matter. Established business models based on analog technologies no longer work. There are no physical barriers to the distribution of digital goods. Savvy firms attract audiences and delight fans by distributing free content, selling premium content, and delivering value-added services. They engage listeners and viewers wherever they are by smartly supporting both web and mobile applications, and then monetizing the results.

Needed is a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable platform for powering these content-centric experiences. This is Drupal. With Drupal, media and entertainment firms develop innovative solutions and profitable revenue streams.

How should media and entertainment firms manage and monetize their digital goods? How can these firms produce entertaining experiences for audiences and fans? What are the smart investments these firms should make to power the digital businesses for the artists, entertainers, and producers they represent?

This paper serves as a solution guide for how media and entertainment firms should promote and profit from the digital revolution by deploying Drupal.

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