Enterprise Applications

Today, digitally savvy companies manage a growing set of web experiences, targeting specific channels, audiences, markets, and outcomes. When promising opportunities arise, smart firms move quickly to launch new experiences. But the willy-nilly addition of standalone sites within the enterprise – typically built on an array of technologies by disparate groups — leads to wasted efforts, unnecessary expenses, and problems sharing content or capabilities. Customers also feel the pain, as they are bombarded by mixed messages and disconnected websites.

When juggling multiple sites and experiences, enterprises face the dilemma of scale: how best to leverage IT investments for an economical yet sustainable solution. Here are a few problems that companies typically face:

·A pharmaceutical company invests considerable effort developing product information that meets regulatory mandates. To limit the risk of distributing incorrect or inconsistent information to various markets and segments, the firm needs to centrally manage the content. Yet it must also ensure that individual segment owners can easily produce compelling web experiences for their target audiences and update them at the speed of business.

·A consumer products company maintains several lines of business, each with a unique branded experience. The firm needs to control its IT infrastructure, while ensuring that brand managers can promote their products through websites designed to meet their own needs and publishing their own content on their own schedule.

·A media and entertainment firm fuels fan loyalty by producing targeted websites about its various stars. Rock fans want to groove to favorite tunes and performers, and track concert schedules. By comparison, film buffs are enthralled with storylines and video downloads. The company seeks the capabilities of a unified platform while maintaining multiple web experiences.

Every company needs to coordinate content delivery, control costs, and optimize investment across multiple websites. The solution is a consistent platform for content delivery — one that is sufficiently flexible to meet both current requirements and future growth opportunities. It is essential to rely on a scalable content infrastructure that can maintain multiple web experiences, while also reducing development and operating costs.

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