Government & Third sector Applications

In the current era of open government, any agency must focus on doing the public’s business as transparently and as cost-effectively as possible. Whether an agency is working at the Federal, state, or local level, serving constituents and stakeholders is its first order of business.

Citizens, communities, and businesses need to:

·Find relevant information about immediate topics of interest
·Share insights about important issues
·Communicate with agency staff members

Government activities depend on timely access to facts and analysis. The public wants immediate answers to their questions. Citizens, communities, and businesses expect to engage easily with public agencies over the web. Exploiting the connectivity of the web, Drupal transforms how public agencies deliver information and services to constituents and stakeholders. As a platform for managing content and developing content-centric applications, Drupal ensures that agencies can deploy and manage cost-effective solutions.

How should agency decision-makers pursue goals for open government? What can leaders and planners do to best serve an agency’s constituents and stakeholders? How can a public agency go digital and deliver compelling results at an affordable cost? Here is a solution guide for managing government information with Drupal.

When Government Goes Digital with Drupal - Solution Brief Download