Marketing e Analytics

We are at an inflection point in history. The digital revolution has given consumers an unprecedented level of control and choice as they spend more time researching, socializing, and buying online. To connect with these consumers and to influence their purchasing behaviors, marketers are now forced to deal with dozens of channels and engagement methods. Managing all of this is incredibly complex and time consuming, and is easier to get wrong then to get right. It is now estimated that the combination of a poor user experience and a lack of insight into customers’ digital behavior is causing businesses to lose 24% of their annual online revenues.

Customers are demanding more from the companies they do business with. Delivering personalized, targeted customer experiences is now required across multiple channels and devices. These changes represent both a huge challenge and opportunity for businesses that must create experiences for, connect with, and convert prospects into customers. To accomplish this, it is critical to capture insights to more effectively refine those experiences at each moment of truth along the customer journey.

Complicating all of this is the pressure of today’s economic climate. Marketing organizations are now held closely accountable for ROI on Marketing spend, and many are not able to accurately measure success. To compete effectively in this new Digital Marketing landscape, organizations must be nimble, as strategies shift in response to highly fluid and changing consumer sentiment and competitive market conditions. Every element of your campaign must be designed to achieve a business purpose. Each element, as well, must be tracked, measured, and tuned based on those results.

Software tools have historically been as much of a hindrance as help here. With so many channels and so many unique touchpoints to manage, there has been an explosion of tools to manage each of these interactions. What at one time was a handful of experiences to manage for your customers is now dozens; spread across multiple web sites, mobile sites and apps, social channels, and more.

Let’s look at how Digital Marketers increasingly turn to Drupal-based Web Experience Management solutions leveraging a community driven, flexible, and open platform to deliver engaging content and campaigns with ease.

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